Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Attention all bidders on The Brooklyn Bridge

Attention all bidders on the Brooklyn Bridge.
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Click the image for the latest laughable sales pitch
(Brought to you straight from the Cancun boondoggle):

Click the image for the latest laughable sales pitch
IF the climate warms, lives will be saved -- LOTS of lives.

Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here to debunk the hysteria topic by topic.


RICH said...

Sweden braces for record freeze -- Coldest in 100 years.

Sounds like the Swede's will have to bundle up this week. May I suggest a nice thick blanket of CO2?

And the lunacy continues...

SBVOR said...


Roger that!

On Thanksgiving morning, I recorded a low of -12F at my home.

Of course, according to some CAGW propagandists, cold events are just weather while every single heat wave is proof positive of man made climate change.

Other CAGW propagandists would claim that both our bitterly cold Thanksgiving AND the record snowfall we experienced this month were absolutely, positively, caused by CO2. For that camp, anything even remotely unusual will be blamed on CO2.

How do they expect to effectively propagandize when they cannot even get their stories straight?

RICH said...

Record COLD and SNOW? It must be mans fault.

And being wealthy (by world standards) and white -- I am especially to blame.

I am already paying more in energy because it's flippin cold! Now the lunies want me to pay even more, to stop global warming, because it's cold out?

Makes perfect nonsense to me.

I take it that snow making machines don't get much use in CO?

SBVOR said...


Oddly enough, despite record breaking snowfall, the resort is still running the snow makers -- I'm not sure why.

They did substantially increase their snow making abilities this past summer. Maybe they just want to check out their new gear.

On the surface, the management of most Colorado resorts seem to have bought into the propaganda suggesting that winters are getting shorter and snow is becoming scarce. Hence, the investment in more snow making equipment.

Of course, the data (warm biased though it is) say exactly the opposite. But, when have propagandists ever concerned themselves with mere facts?

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