Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food Nazis of the Week

Food Nazis of the Week:

San Francisco Regulates Happy Meals:

Michelle Obama wants $400 million per year
to decree from on high healthy eating habits:

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(while it is still legal to do so).


RICH said...

This ultra-lib I know is prochoice. When it comes to eating, he is not, wanting to eliminate many "guilty pleasure" foods.


Controlling what we eat is another layer of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness they are peeling away from our core.

They need to piss off as far as I am concerned.

SBVOR said...


The only way so-called “Progressives” can bring about (in their fantasies) the Utopia they have dreamed of since the days of Woodrow Wilson is to control absolutely every aspect of our lives -- to rob us of our freedom to make our own choices about anything and everything.

Once the “Progressives” control our health care system, they then have to control our eating habits. You see, it’s a matter of controlling government spending. The government has to spend way too much to treat obesity related illness, therefore, the government must prevent obesity.

This is the slippery slope. Every new venture into regulating our lives cascades into countless more ventures into regulating our lives.

As for the Pro-Murder attitude…
This is the aspect of the “Progressive” ideology which is -- without a doubt -- the most troubling of all. How in the world did “Progressive” propaganda persuade so many people to regard infanticide as a moral crusade for “freedom”?

This “Progressive” crusade has rendered our society almost a full order of magnitude MORE EVIL than Hitler’s Third Reich. This is true both quantitatively (6 million Jews vs. about 50 million of the unborn) and qualitatively (the unborn are even MORE innocent than the Jews). Anytime I say that I have to anticipate the utterly dishonest attacks from the so-called “Progressives” and add the disclaimer that my position on this is not -- in ANY WAY -- intended to diminish -- in ANY WAY -- the profoundly evil horror of The Holocaust.

It is essential to understand that the so-called “Progressives” are really and truly religious zealots seeking to impose their own brand of (godless) theocracy. Whether we are talking about The Food Nazis, micromanaging Climate Change, Prohibition, the War on Drugs, Abortion on Demand or any other aspect of their pseudo-religious creed, there is a moral crusade driving each of these “Progressive” creeds as well as the rest of their agenda to deliver their horrifically twisted totalitarian vision of “heaven on earth”.

The only theocracy we need to fear is already well established and deeply entrenched -- it is the “Progressive” theocracy.

RICH said...

Well said.

SBVOR said...


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