Sunday, July 26, 2009

SPT Loaded Question on Health Care

Quoting the current poll question from our local Leftist propaganda rag:
“Are you dissatisfied with the state of health care in America today?”
Of course I am dissatisfied. But, if I respond in the affirmative, the implication will be that I want government to “fix” it. Government, as usual, created this problem. And, yet another government “solution” -- no matter WHAT that “solution” is -- will ONLY make matters WORSE -- as always!

Wage and price controls from FDR first created this problem. That FDR “solution” (to an inflation problem) literally made it illegal for employers to offer competitive wages. So, as always, employers found a loophole. The loophole was “benefits” (like employer provided health insurance). From that moment on, the consumer of health care was divorced from the payer of health care. And, at that very moment, we lost all hope of EVER containing health care costs.

Those FDR created spiraling costs are my beef with the current system. Okay, predatory scumbag trial lawyers who have the Dims in their bulging pockets (and vice versa) also contribute to the current mess -- as have additional government regulations which serve only to limit competition in the insurance business.

But, despite all this government “assistance”, we have -- demonstrably, objectively and quantitatively -- the BEST health care system in the entire world (partly because the governments of other nations -- such as Canada -- have made an even BIGGER mess of their health care systems).

I have ZERO expectation that MORE government intervention of ANY sort will make things any better. More government intervention will -- as ALWAYS -- only make matters WORSE!

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Click the image & read about the issue
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thomas said...

The same thing occurs to me when I think of single payer or government intervention as you put it. I think this for perhaps different reasons than you, but I suppose the end result will be the same regardless of the why. In my mind, I see government intervening not because of concern for all of us poor slobs who can't afford healthcare, but because it will profit or benefit one of their campaign sponsors in some insidious way that most of us don't see or realize and still everyone will be in the same or worse situation with the coveted health care benefits that we all want so badly. Some things cannot be changed, though many down through time have tried and seemed to make progress, but it is still the same old game and all of the common people still live and die as they always have. Things don't change even after bloodshed of revolution.

SBVOR said...


If you are currently uninsured, have you:

1) Inquired about getting private insurance with a very high deductible?

There are policies available with $10,000 deductibles. But, insurance agents may not tell you that unless you press them. Of course, you then need to be prepared to cover whatever the amount of the deductible is.

The point is that the cost of health insurance drops considerably when you opt for higher deductibles. And, when we pay more of our health care bill out of our own pocket, we all win by virtue of making more pragmatic decisions about when we really need a doctor.

If I told Obama the sorts of things I forgo seeing a doctor for, he would immediately put me in an ad promoting his nonsense. Of course, he would leave out the part about how I choose, of my own free will, not to see a doctor because I know it is utterly unnecessary to do so and I prefer not to waste my money.

2) Thought about what you might be able to forgo in your current lifestyle in order to make health insurance a priority?

Trust me…
Whatever Congress comes up with will be far worse than what we have now. And, not ONE member of Congress will subject themselves to whatever it is they impose upon us.

Kind Regards,

thomas said...

I never go to the doctor except for a DOT physical every two years or so; if I put it off. I just had this conversation today with a co-worker. My family doesn't have medical expenses (so far). My boys were not born in a hospital and never had vaccinations. We seldom have had health care expenses, but I pay a lot to insure myself and my sons. My wife has employer provided at her employment. Health insurance is a scam as far as I am concerned. I do like your idea of a high deductible; at least off the cuff. I need to consider this approach. I was old today that employer provided that we have is not being paid at all by my employer but is basically a passthrough to me and fellow employees. I need to find out if this is true, but considering the costs to us; it could be true. If it costs my boss anything at all it will soon be cancelled, so he can save a little more money. I am not complaining. I guess I'm just rambling, sorry.

SBVOR said...


Rest assured that -- just like during the FDR wage and price controls which started this mess -- all employer paid “benefits” are provided in lieu of higher wages. The employee always pays for them (whether they know it or not).

Given how seldom you visit the doctor, it sounds like you would be particularly better off with a higher deductible. If you and yours live healthy lifestyles, you are that much better off to do so. I would almost take my chances with no insurance. But, it’s nice to know I have millions in potential benefits if I do get gravely ill.

In addition to a very high deductible, examine the cost of increasing the total payout if you really need it.

For liability reasons, I cannot offer health care advice. But, I will tell you it is my personal opinion that your kids would be much better off with vaccinations. If it were me, I would make that my #1 priority (if it is still a medical option). If you are worried about a link between autism and vaccinations, ask your doctor. I know what he/she will tell you (and, from what I know, it is correct).

Kind Regards,

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