Saturday, July 4, 2009

The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic

Quoting Kimberley A. Strassel via the Wall Street Journal
(I inserted the links):
“Unable to defend the EPA's actions [the silencing of 38-year EPA veteran, Senior Operations Research Analyst Alan Carlin], the climate-change crew -- , led by anonymous EPA officials -- is doing what it does best: trashing Mr. Carlin as a ‘denier.’ He is, we are told, ‘only’ an economist (he in fact holds a degree in physics from CalTech). It wasn't his ‘job’ to look at this issue (he in fact works in an office tasked with ‘informing important policy decisions with sound economics and other sciences.’) His study was full of sham science. (The majority of it in fact references peer-reviewed studies.) Where's Mr. Hansen [who falsely alleged the Bush administration suppressed his pure propaganda] and his defense of scientific freedom when you really need him?

Mr. Carlin is instead an explanation for why the science debate is little reported in this country. The professional penalty for offering a contrary view to elites like Al Gore is a smear campaign. The global-warming crowd likes to deride skeptics as the equivalent of the Catholic Church refusing to accept the Copernican theory. The irony is that, today, it is those who dare critique the new religion of human-induced climate change who face the Inquisition.”
Click the image of Obama’s Socialist Climate Czar
& read the rest:

Click the image of Obama’s Socialist Climate Czar & read the rest

How ironic that Carol Browner’s underlings at EPA would falsely accuse Mr. Carlin of being unqualified to evaluate the science. Ms. Browner, an English major turned lawyer, is the one who is entirely unqualified for her position -- unless, of course, her job is to use her legal “skills” to implement tyrannical Socialist policy which flies in the face of peer reviewed science. And, sadly, that is EXACTLY what her job is.

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Click here & examine what science says about climate change.


thomas said...

I have had many discussions, mostly with my mom's family, about global warming or climate change as it is referred to now. I have always sided with the global warming crowd, but recently I have seen that my stance may have been somewhat wrong. I may have argued on that side since all of them held firmly to the view that it was a myth. I don't say that I believe it to be a outright lie, but I have come to think that there have been mistakes in their predictions (not a purposeful hoax). I am bothered that I caused a lot of animosity with my family because of this theory or issue. I am also troubled when I have to admit that one of my beliefs is wrong again (maybe I can just change sides and no one will notice). Hopefully, we all live and learn or learn and live...

Anyway, I would not have given your post a second glance a few months ago, but now I see a dangerous trend developing speed in this political issue. I guess I worry when people take up something like this and run..

SBVOR said...


It is good to see one more American taking off the blinders and opening his eyes.

If the rest of us do not wake up -- and soon, it will be too late to stop the disastrous policy response to the myth of catastrophic man made climate change.

Whether the proponents of this myth know they are lying is secondary to the FACT that -- in classic fashion -- these are DEMONSTRABLY totalitarian Socialists who are using this myth (and many others) as an excuse for grabbing more and more power over the rest of us.

Again, my presentation of the basic science on climate change can be found here.

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