Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honey Bee Decline - Another Myth Bites the Dust

Quoting NCPA (I inserted the link and added the emphasis):
“The sudden collapse of honeybee colonies around the world, a condition identified in 2004, is most likely caused by the parasite Nosema ceranae, not the human causes alleged by environmental activist groups…

Of course, after the activists' media allies sounded the alarm that pesticides and global warming are killing frogs and bees, they became strangely silent about reporting the exculpatory evidence that natural factors are to blame, says Burnett. The general public has no idea that humans in fact were not to blame, unless they subscribe to and read academic journals.
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here for another report on this research.
Click here for related peer reviewed science from this researcher.
(Search Authors for Higes and Article Titles for Honey Bee.)

In the “minds” of the environmental extremists, humans are pure evil and are responsible for any and all changes in a world which is constantly changing and evolving on its own.

The great irony, of course, is that those who voted for “change” are the same religious cult members who harbor a pathological fear of anything which actually represents change -- even beneficial change (such as a very slight warming of the climate over the course of 100 years, even when there is nothing even remotely unusual about the temperatures reached in the process).

I would bet that this is far from the first time this parasite has culled the honeybee herd. Over time, there have probably been regular boom and bust cycles between honey bees and these parasites. Today, human agriculture -- to one degree or another -- may or may not depend upon maintaining a boom cycle among the honeybees. If honeybees continue to decline, will some other pollinator opportunistically fill the gap? I would guess so.

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