Saturday, October 31, 2009

British women misled into breast cancer surgery

Quoting the U.K. Times:
“THE [British] government has been forced to rewrite its advice on breast cancer screening after research showed that thousands of women have been misled into having unnecessary surgery…

Research published this year showed that for every 2,000 women screened regularly for a decade, one life would be saved but 10 healthy women would be treated unnecessarily.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

This is bad enough. But, it gets WORSE!

Despite performing surgery on women who did NOT need surgery, Britain’s Socialist National Health Sevice (NHS) STILL has a 28% breast cancer mortality rate. The USA has a 19% breast cancer mortality rate. The mortality rates calculated from the data presented in the previous link appear in the image below:

So, ladies, before jumping aboard the Hell bound train called ObamaCare, I suggest you compare the breast cancer mortality rates between the USA and the Euro-Socialist countries.

The higher incidence in the USA is a function of lifestyle. Adopting the Euro-Socialist health care paradigm will NOT change our lifestyles. Adopting the Euro-Socialist health care paradigm WILL dramatically increase our breast cancer mortality rates.

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Anonymous said...

Your table looks like a screen print you made from Excel.

Your source data from imaginis only shows Incidence Rates and Death Rates both per 100,000. How did you derive your Mortality Rate? It looks like you have divided Deaths by Incidence to get Mortality. Seems meaningless to me.

What's the difference between Death Rate and Mortality Rate? I though they were the same.

If you look at the Death Rate per 100,000 then Sweden and Italy (both of which have socialized health care) do better than the US.

SBVOR said...


Are you really that stupid? To believe in Socialism, you would have to be.

Deaths/Incidents=Mortality Rate.

Mortality Rate is a measure of the quality of the health care system.

Incidents per 100,000 is a measure of life style and genetics.

Sweden and Italy have fewer deaths ONLY because they have fewer incidents. The mortality rate for BOTH is considerably HIGHER than the USA (as is the mortality rate for every other listed country).

But, count on the insanity of ObamaCare to change that. Way to go, MORON!

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