Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama Likely to Skip Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Quoting Fox News (enemy of the state):
“President Obama is ‘leaning toward not going’ to the U.N. climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark…

On big reason… is… because of the slow progress of climate change legislation in the U.S. Senate. Absent Senate passage of a climate change bill mandating a cap-and-trade system, Obama will have nothing to bring to Copenhagen as part of a U.S.-led effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a factor likely to undermine global efforts to curb those emissions.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
If NOTHING is done in Copenhagen, it will be a VERY good thing!

Click here for the cost of Cap & Trade.
Click here for basic climate change science.


thomas said...

I would say that slow is good in some cases. The impact on industry needs to be analyzed very diligently before. I think that the impact to life should be considered by all and care should be taken, but global warming (can't believe I'm saying this) is just a theory that could cause more harm than good. It seems to be losing its popularity, too. Haste may have made regret for many. Have you seen this one?

thomas said...

Here is another one. I am sure that you have seen these. Weather is very complicated and understanding the evidence of past weather cycles is tricky in my amateur view. I believe that people should do the best they can to preserve their quality of life while providing needed goods to the worldwide markets. I don't like fear mongering or scare tactics to make people do things. These will only make matters worse for all of us.

SBVOR said...


Thanks again for your thoughts.

A few points:

1) Remember that the “impact on industry” always amounts to an impact on the consumer.

Nothing good ever comes from government attempting to centrally plan the economy.

2) It is important to distinguish between “global warming”, “man made global warming” and “man made global warming hysteria”.

Click here for a quick summary as well as lots of details (if you want them).

3) Yes, I read Dr. Spencer’s Urban Legend essay yesterday. It’s a good one.

SBVOR said...

Thomas (second comment from 9:34AM),

Thanks again.

Yep, I saw that one too (only because I happened to have run through my own bloglist yesterday).

Click here for my observations on hurricanes.

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