Saturday, November 14, 2009

How many at Fort Hood died because of the Army's gun ban?

Quoting Kyle-Anne Shiver at American Thinker:
“If I were the parent or spouse of one of those killed in the terrorist attack at Fort Hood last week, I would begin raising utter hell in the public arena the minute my loved one was buried and my tears dried up. Not only did outrageous political correctness convince otherwise rational people in authority to put our soldiers in unnecessary danger, but since 1993, there has been a gun-ban in place on our army bases.

Here we have soldiers, expertly trained in the safe and efficient use of guns, yet they are prevented by a cockamamie Clinton ruling from carrying handguns on their bases. From reports of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack, the Islamic radical enemy within was allowed a full 10 minutes of completely protected firing at soldiers before someone with a gun arrived on the scene to fire back.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

There is only ONE WAY that a pansy psychiatrist could (allegedly) murder so many of America’s finest -- by government mandate from even bigger pansies among the Dims.

Come ON! Is there anything MORE insane than not allowing our soldiers to carry handguns on their own freaking base? I guarantee this nut job TERRORIST would have NEVER even CONTEMPLATED this act of TERRORISM if the IDIOT Dims had not GUARANTEED that our finest would have NO FREAKING WAY to defend themselves!

Because of these IDIOT DIMS, our soldiers had to wait for a tougher than nails HEROIC petite female COP (with a gun) to come to their rescue. EVIL IDIOTS!!!

My blood is FREAKING BOILING! Slick Willy might as well have pulled the trigger himself!

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1 comment:

chillguy33 said...

You are 100% spot on, my friend SBVOR.

I wish we could get this message shouted from the roof-tops.

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