Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barack Obama’s climate deal unravels

Quoting The TimesOnline:
“The United Nations climate change conference ended in recrimination yesterday without reaching a clear deal on emissions targets.

After a stormy session in Copenhagen, in which a vociferous anti-American minority brought the talks close to collapse, most countries agreed simply to ‘take note’ of a watered-down agreement brokered by President Barack Obama and supported by Britain.

This accord — which had been drawn up in discussions with China and 30 or so other countries on Friday — sets a target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 2C above pre-industrial times.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

Hurrah for no legally binding stupidity!

For a quick glimpse into the breathtaking ignorance of this “accord”, who can tell me what the official temperature was during “pre-industrial times”?

During the last 10,000 years, the temperature at Vostok, Antarctica has varied from more than 2C above the annual mean temperature for 2008 to almost 2C below the annual mean temperature for 2008 (making 2008 -- in one sense -- almost PERFECTLY “NORMAL”).

Thus, just over the last 10,000 years, we have a range of NATURAL variability of about 4C. So, along this 4C range of variability, which is the magic temperature which the moronic bureaucrats will select as the official temperature for “pre-industrial times”?

Roughly 128,000 years ago, the temperature at the same location was more than 3C above the annual mean temperature for 2008. Ergo, the “accord” declares that NATURAL VARIATIONS in temperature are excessive and we must find a way to prevent MOTHER NATURE from doing what Mother Nature will do anyway.

You see, if we want to guarantee that the current interglacial warming period will not reach the maximum temperatures achieved during the previous perfectly natural interglacial warming period, we will have to find a way to “correct” each of the three different orbital eccentricities of our planet which are collectively known as Milankovitch Cycles.

For now, we can just be grateful that these moronic, ignorant, greedy and unspeakably evil power mongers failed to agree to anything which would be legally binding. But, rest assured -- the evil doers are not done yet. They will soon be back attempting the very same power grab.

Click here for the substantiating science.


QT said...

Not sure if you saw this article illustrating the lengths to which some global warming advocates were willing to go to eliminate the medieval warm period.

SBVOR said...


Thanks -- as always -- for your insights.

Yep, I saw that, I created a post around it and I included it on my “Topics” section.

I guess we both found that one significant! :-)

Of course, they have not yet managed to erase either the MWT or the LIA from the GISP2 data.

Click here for more on that.

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