Monday, December 28, 2009

Napolitano Fails (Again) at Damage Control

Yesterday, Napolitano lit up the blogs with her boneheaded assertion that the system worked.

This morning, Napolitano was on every single cable news channel whining about how she was “taken out of context” (by the AP via the NYT).

Well, dear readers, click here to examine yesterday’s transcript with commentary and click here to watch the video clip (relevant section begins at 0:23). Then decide for yourself.

In one sense, Napolitano was clearly referring to “the [entire] system”, right down to this guy. In another sense, she can argue she was only referring to “the system” of “making sure that we respond properly, correctly and effectively” once the terrorist is already on the plane and executing his plan. Gee, not much comfort in THAT -- especially since we MERELY GOT LUCKY on this one!

AFTER his own father informed our government that his son might be a terrorist, our Federal bureaucrats failed to so much as flag this guy for secondary airport screening! Given that breath-taking FAILURE, how boneheaded must Napolitano be to assert -- without qualification -- that “the system worked” (even if she thought she was qualifying her assertion)?

Also today, Napolitano effectively suggested that the bureaucracy failed to so much as flag this guy for secondary airport screening because there was no check box on the bureaucratic list reading “Father told us his son might be a terrorist”. Napolitano also implied that the “fix” would be to revise the checklist (rather than revise the decision making process). So, when another terrorist slips through the cracks because it was the uncle (rather than the father) who ratted out the terrorist, I suppose we’ll revise the checklist again - eh, Janet?

Get used to it! This is the EXACT same sort of decision making process we’ll see once the Dims tyrannically impose ObamaCare on an unwilling majority!

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