Monday, December 7, 2009

The Hockey Stick Exposed & Debunked

Click here for the most infamous e-mail in all of ClimateGate.
Next, dig deep into the meaning & relevance of that e-mail.
It’s a long, but thorough, explanation -- well worth the time.
Their own data invalidate their own temperature proxy.
But, rather than admit the invalidation, they “hide” it!

Click the image &
expose the infamous Hockey Stick:

Click the image & expose the infamous Hockey Stick
Click here for the more entertaining summary.

Click here to examine temperatures over time.
Click here for some basic climate change science.
Click here to debunk the hysteria topic by topic.


Oakden Wolf said...

The graphic shown above was a schematic cartoon not based on any data.

The temperature scale has no numbers.

The IPCC stated that it was not clear that the anecdotal changes were uniformly global.

SBVOR said...

Oakden Wolf,

1) Your own source admits that the graph presented in this post was published in the 1990 IPCC assessment. Are you telling me the IPCC publishes cartoons? Well, I would agree. They certainly published a cartoon in 1999 -- it’s called “The Hockey Stick”.

2) Your source notes that -- in 1990, referencing the graph presented in my post -- the IPCC correctly asserted:

“it is still not clear whether all the fluctuations indicated [in the diagram] were truly global.”

That’s true. The MWP & LIA are more evident in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere.

What is also true is that the on-going, uninterrupted 10,000 year cooling trend is steeper in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere. In both locations, we can clearly see that there is nothing even remotely unusual about the latest warming. This belies the sheer propaganda from your cited source which falsely asserts that “[t]he earth is warming… at an unprecedented rate”. That would be laughable if the totalitarian political agenda behind the propaganda were not so serious.

Hell, we can see from this chart -- copied from directly cited peer reviewed science found in this post that the warming was FAR steeper as recently as the 1930’s. And, even the man at the epicenter of ClimateGate freely admits that there has been no statistically significant global warming in the last 15 years.

More details as well as direct links to the directly cited peer reviewed science are found here and here.

Face it, pal…
You’ve been HAD!

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