Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bob Cesca v. Dick Cheney

Leftwing moron/nutcase Bob Cesca has made a pathetic attempt to excoriate Dick Cheney. Below, find Cesca quotes and rebuttals:

1) Cesca sez:
“In other words, preside over the biggest terrorist attack in American history and it's an epic win for President Bush. Preside over a failed attack and it's an epic fail for President Obama.”
Comparing 9/11/01 to 12/25/09 is orders of magnitude beyond absurd because:

A) The world irrevocably changed on 9/11/01.

Comparing any previous effort to secure the nation against Islamic terrorism to any current effort is apples and oranges. Anybody who -- in the aftermath of 9/11/01 -- did not fundamentally change the way they looked at the Islamic Jihad threat is a blithering idiot (more on that later).

B) The Clinton administration -- Reno & Gorelick in particular -- largely facilitated 9/11. Even the 9/11 Report (which Gorelick herself participated in) confirms this.

C) It would be far more accurate to compare 9/12/01 through 1/19/09 against 1/20/09 through today. As even Cesca seems to understand, the closest analogy between the ensuing SEVEN Bush years and the ONE Obama year would be the 12/22/2001 failed shoe bomb attack. Both incidents are typical of the failures which are endemic to anything run by government. But, the 12/25/09 incident REALLY stands out because:

i) The 12/22/2001 attack came ONE MONTH after the TSA was created (and 9 days BEFORE the TSA even committed to securing ANYTHING).

ii) Now, eight years and billions of dollars later, a virtually identical attack (substituting only underwear for shoes) is attempted by a fella whose own father had already ratted him out -- and the fool darn near succeeds. How does that not damn Obama and his band of idiots?

iii) After this CLEAR example of breath-taking incompetence, Napolitano has the unmitigated gall to try to tell us “the system worked”!

iv) The Obama administration -- in a CLEAR demonstration of a Clintonesque pre-9/11 mentality -- hands this ENEMY COMBATANT over to the civilian judicial system!

2) Cesca sez:
“[Cheney has apparently] forgotten about how his administration allowed Richard Reid, the ‘Shoe Bomber,’ to be prosecuted, tried, convicted and incarcerated on American soil in our civilian judicial system. And which administration was it that released the Yemeni plotters from Guantanamo? Guess. The year was 2007 and unless Barack Obama has a totally rad time traveling DeLorean, President Bush and Dick Cheney were running our anti-terrorism efforts at that point.”
A) The shoe bomb incident occurred three months after 9/11. The response was modeled after the precedent established by the Clinton administration. The underpants incident occurred after we had been at war for more than EIGHT YEARS. This begs the question what has Obama learned from the last EIGHT YEARS of war? Obviously, NOTHING!

B) The Dims took control of Congress in January of 2007. Does anybody think that overwhelming pressure from the Dims in both Congress and the media had a little bit to do with the insanity of releasing Yemen terrorists from Gitmo? Does anybody think that -- today -- we have a better understanding of the emerging al Qaeda stronghold in Yemen? Once again, apples and oranges.

3) Cesca sez:
“Needless to say, Cheney is well-qualified to take an authoritative posture when it comes to terrorism. After all, he and his little buddy ‘kept us safe’ from terrorist attacks for eight years, right? Other than the worst terrorist attack in American history, of course, along with the Anthrax Attacks, the Beltway Snipers, the thousands of terrorist attacks on our contractors and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the attacks on our allies in London and Madrid, Cheney did a fine job keeping us safe”
Neither the Anthrax Attacks nor the Beltway Snipers were ever tied to Islamic Jihadists. But, that’s as close as nutcase Cesca can come to citing any post 9/11 domestic Islamic terrorism.

4) Cesca sez:
“The hijacker is still alive and is talking like a Chatty Cathy doll.”
Yeah, I guess Cesca missed the part where the bomber lawyered up.

5) Cesca sez:
“As with Cheney, and probably more so, Rove knows exactly what he's doing. He's tweaking Democrats and liberals as a form of petulant, childish payback.”
I’ve already demonstrated there is -- as always -- NO moral equivalence between the criticisms of Bush vs. Obama. But, even if we pretend there is, does this mean the Dim criticisms of Bush were also “petulant” and “childish”?

6) Cesca sez:
“false equivalencies and free passes for unmitigated GOP hypocrisy rule the day”
It is always sadly amusing when Dim nutcases like Cesca are blissfully unaware of the unmitigated irony in what passes for their “thinking”.

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