Friday, January 1, 2010

Congratulations, Dope Heads!

Quoting The El Paso Times:
“The Juárez of old is gone.

In its place is a paralyzing and vicious 2-year-old drug war that has the 1.5 million residents in the manufacturing border town living in fear, even as city leaders pledge to never give in to the powerful cartels that are using the city's streets as a killing ground…

As a result, Juárez has gone from a popular tourist attraction to the murder capital of North America. Juárez had more than 1,600 murders in 2008 and 2,580 this year.

That translates to 165 deaths in Juárez per 100,000 residents. In Baghdad, there are 48 deaths per 100,000 residents.”
Congratulations Dope Heads!
Your mommas must be SO PROUD!
Click the image & read the rest:

Click the image & read the rest
Click here for the scientific facts on Pot.

How many of you drug addled MORONS bemoan the violence in Iraq while creating even WORSE violence in Juárez? And, FOR WHAT? Your perceived “right” to destroy your own life and lives of everybody around you? Yeah, maybe you have that hypothetical “right” -- so long as you pay your own health care bills. But, what right do you have to contribute to the violent death of a 7 year old innocent child?

Note that “over 60% of Mexican drug cartel profits from the United States are from marijuana”.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Mexican cartel violence a reason to legalize and regulate it, then? By the way, I smoke cannabis (NONE of which comes from Mexico) and am NONE of the things listed in that silly picture.

SBVOR said...


Yes, we need to decriminalize all narcotics (in order to save our civilization from the scourge of utterly worthless drug addicts such as YOU.)

My logs indicate you live in Salt Lake City. And, you think none of the dope in Salt Lake City is supplied by Mexican cartels? REALLY? What the HELL are you smoking, MORON?

"Nearly 40 suspects are in custody in connection with a massive marijuana plantation discovered in Utah. A Drug Enforcement Administration official in Salt Lake City told local television news that the arrests had 'decimated' the command and control of a Mexican marijuana trafficking organization based in California, Nevada and Utah that had ‘direct ties’ to a cartel in Mexico."

Click here for the source.

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