Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Planned Parenthood Opening Abortion 'Super Center'

Click here for the associated story.

Those familiar with the undeniable eugenics based roots of Planned Parenthood know that it is no accident that this “Super Center” death camp -- like virtually all others -- will be located in an overwhelmingly Black and Hispanic part of Houston.

So-called “Liberals” are outraged by the prospect of a Wal-Mart “Super Center”. But, they happily embrace a death camp “Super Center” (targeting minorities). Clearly, so-called “Liberalism” is a mental disorder!

Hitler’s death camps could not begin to measure up to the death camps of our own so-called “Liberals”.

As for when human life begins, the science couldn’t be more clear:

The beginning of life is -- by definition -- a transformational event. And, the ONLY transformational event is when two haploid cells merge to form a diploid cell -- at conception. EVERYTHING beyond that point is a transitional event which varies in timing with each pregnancy. Every other attempt to define when life begins is a purely political contrivance whose sole intent is to rationalize homicide. I choose the word homicide carefully. Because, even with abortion, there are certain instances where there is such a thing as “justifiable homicide” -- for example when the mother’s life is clearly in danger.

But, the overwhelming majority of abortion homicides are committed for nothing more than convenience. This link describes one of the most appalling examples of homicidal convenience.

P.S.) I am a lifelong agnostic. My view are informed exclusively by science, reason and justice.

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Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone out there to watch a film about Planned Parenthood and their racist and eugenic roots. The film is called: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America. It is 2 hours of information that is well documented and the best I have ever watched on the topic. The producers, Life Dynamics, Inc. say that Maafa21 is changing hearts and converting pro-choicers to pro-life. Get a copy here: http://www.maafa21com

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