Monday, March 8, 2010

Judge Jim Gray in 1992 on Drug Prohibition

To be clear on my views:

1) I agree with everything the judge said.

2) I have undying contempt for those who -- today -- consume illegal drugs. They have more blood on their hands than the murderous cartels. Without the demand, there would be no cartels. Users are scum! Period!

3) That said, I have even more contempt for the (Progressive) politicians who created the prohibition on both alcohol AND narcotics in the first place. Yes, it was so-called “Progressives” who first created both. Study your history.

So-called “Progressives” have always wanted to tightly control what we put in our bodies. Just look at their current war against all manner of foods which they deem to be either unhealthy or even bad for the environment.

4) Of all the stupid, ignorant, destructive politicians; none are more so than those who make the consumption of a drug legal (or effectively legal) while leaving the production and distribution illegal. That is an unsurpassed recipe for maximizing violence and criminal profits. It is very hard to believe these politicians are really so stupid as to not understand that.

5) Those that claim alcohol is worse than pot are willfully ignorant.

First, the overwhelming majority of those who consume alcohol NEVER consume it to the point of intoxication. EVERYBODY who consumes pot ALWAYS consumes it for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting intoxicated. Everybody who uses pot abuses pot.

Second, click here and dispel the propaganda suggesting that pot is harmless and non-addictive. Pot is FAR from harmless and it is CLEARLY addictive.

I believe that -- over the last 50 years -- drug abuse has severely weakened the fabric of this nation (and this world). The nation and the world would be much better off if we could reduce the amount of drug abuse. As the Dutch have said, perhaps making drug abuse boring will help reduce the amount of abuse. Changing cultural attitudes will do far more good.

6) As bad as all the various illegal drugs are and as much harm as they do to our society, the prohibition of these drugs does MANY orders of magnitude MORE HARM to our society. Street gangs alone do FAR more harm to our nation (and our youth) EVERY MONTH than al Qaeda ever has in its entire lifetime (so far).

Decriminalizing narcotics will not entirely eliminate street gangs. But, it will eliminate what is -- by far -- their largest source of income (and allure).

I am not arguing against fighting radical Islam -- we must do so. I AM suggesting that we need to end the enormously counterproductive prohibition on all narcotics. How we do that will not be easy or comfortable. But, we MUST find a way to get ‘er done. The system we have today becomes more corrupt, more destructive and more counter-productive with each passing year.

The current system is not working and can never work. It will only get worse and worse and worse.


Chris M. said...

The Dutch claim they have made pot use boring. It is boring. It might seem like a revolutionary phase when you go into it from adolescence as I did. But the really revolutionary things that you do to your mind are those undertaken consciously, willfully and with discipline.
I have a clip from Stossel on the same topics this judge addresses at

SBVOR said...


Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I checked your post. The clip has been removed from YouTube owing to a copyright claim by FNC.

FNC has really stepped up their copyright claims on YouTube.

But, you might eventually find the complete segment at Hulu (where, I assume, FNC gets a cut on the ad revenues). I think Hulu clips eventually expire and get removed. But, they seem to last a decent period of time.

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