Thursday, January 6, 2011

GOP Strikes Early to Restrain EPA Tyranny

Quoting the brazen propagandists
at The Associated Press:
“On their second day in power, GOP lawmakers introduced several bills that would hamstring the Environmental Protection Agency from moving forward with regulations to reduce heat-trapping pollution from factories and other sources that they say contributes to global warming.”
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RICH said...

"reduce heat-trapping pollution"

I've always had a problem with this term "heat-trapping". It is impossible for one to "trap" heat. Heat will always radiate regardless of how many traps you set.

Place a hot rock inside of an insulated container, then seal it. The rock may be trapped but the heat is not. The rock and the air inside of the container will cool.

All it takes are silly little gremlins like conduction and convection to grind the global warming machine to a screaching halt. The planet does not have a "fever". It has an endless supply of upper atmospheric air to tap into and more than enough amounts of oceanic coolant.

So relax folks -- take a deep breath -- exhale. We'll be fine. We just need to get the global warming alarmists to shut their "traps" :)

SBVOR said...

RICH, has a very good post on the badly misnomered “Greenhouse Effect”.

Two quotes which relate to your points:

“real greenhouses work mainly by modulating convection while the 'greenhouse effect' works by modulating radiation.”

“Greenhouse gases do not really ‘trap Earth's heat’ but could be fairly described as delaying the energy transfer from Earth to space.”

So, yes…
Any so-called “journalist” who describes “heat-trapping pollution” is -- at best -- ill-informed.


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