Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jared Loughner & The Insanity Defense

Jared Loughner is the accused Tucson shooter.
Does he have an insanity defense?

Johnson says Loughner worshipped Mein Kampf & The Communist Manifesto.
I think that overstates the case -- Loughner listed these as among his favorite books.
Personally, I’m guessing we’ll see a schizophrenia diagnosis at some point.


Anonymous said...


What do you think of Fox News' coverage of Giffords?


SBVOR said...


Overall, I think Fox has been fair.

I do, however, think they -- like everybody else -- have overplayed Giffords' reputation as a "Moderate" Democrat. She is not a straight down the line Pelosi "Progressive". But, nobody who voted for ObamaCare, Obama's so-called "Stimulus" and Obama’s so-called “Financial Reform” can be considered "Moderate" by any stretch.

I guess that just goes to show how phenomenally extreme the so-called "Progressives" are.

SBVOR said...

P.S.) Fox, like everybody else, has also overplayed Giffords’ support for gun rights. The NRA gave her a D+.

Click here for more of her gun rights ratings. I don’t know the details of her record. But, the ratings suggest to me that she gives more lip service to gun rights and less legislative support. It’s hard to get elected in Arizona without at least giving lip service to gun rights.

Any competent “journalist” could have found those ratings and reported them. But, there are damn few competent “journalists” anywhere anymore -- it’s why we blog.

I think, in moments like these, “journalists” look for anything that will build greater sympathy for the victim. It is -- in part -- understandable from an infotainment perspective. But, it’s not real journalism.

The anti-gun nuts, of course, will blame the gun rather than the nut that wielded the gun. We expect that.

Anonymous said...

SBVOR, your comment about Giffords' moderation is well taken. However,

Fox News has changed.

Watching the coverage of Giffords, Fox News has taken any and every opportunity to call public attention to non-issues which however reflect negatively on all conservatives.

My strong impression is that Fox News has long taken advantage of conservatives; and at this point no longer sees fit to respect our opinions.

Instead, Fox News is just more MSM.

Look forward to your response.

SBVOR said...


No doubt, FNC has shifted towards the Left.

I’m told the Obama administration pressured them to do that. I’ve not researched that one at all. But, whatever the cause, I’ve seen the shift.

It is important to distinguish between “straight news” and commentary. My previous comments were all directed at what passes for “straight news”.

I especially dislike the commentary from Geraldo at Large. Last night, Gerald was pimping for the “Sarah did it” lunatics. The flagship “straight news” segment (anchored by Shepard Smith) is anything BUT “straight news” (double entendre intended). Sheppie is a flaming Leftist. In 2004, the moment it became clear that Bush had won reelection, Sheppie blew a gasket on air. That was the moment when I lost any doubt that Sheppie was a flaming Leftist. I am reminded of that fact daily.

At least we have Glenn Beck to balance that crap out.

If you find evidence to substantiate pressure from the Obama administration, please alert me.

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