Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Just Witnessed the Media's Test Run

Quoting William A. Jacobson,
Associate Clinical Professor,
Cornell Law School:
“In the vile attempt to tie Palin to the Tucson shooting we have witnessed the test run for how the left-wing blogosphere will target Republican candidates and propel false narratives into the mainstream media, and how the mainstream media will take those narratives and run with them.

If Palin is taken down politically over the Tucson shooting, there is not a single Republican candidate who can survive the coming onslaught.”
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Click the image & read the rest
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who sent Obama to the White House
(and how they did it).


RICH said...

I always have to hit Post Comment 3 times to post. My last comment never even posted. An error 503 message came up.

SBVOR said...


Sorry to hear that.

Click here and confirm that a 503 error code is caused by an overloaded server. servers are often overloaded.

Your best recourse is probably to click "Post Comment" once and then just wait. I usually have at least 6 tabs open. I multitask on some other tab while waiting for the server to do it's thing.

Another unrelated tip (just FYI)...
Posting a large comment will also generate an error message from which makes it appear as though the comment did not post when, in fact, it did post.

RICH said...

I hit post comment once, wait, page refreshes, hit post again, wait, page refreshes, then hit post comment a third time before it finally posts. No other tabs were open.

No big deal, it was a short post, just thought you would like to know.

SBVOR said...


I found some evidence that there may be a problem with Blogger's embedded comment form.

I switched back to the older full page method for posting comments. Please try again and let me know if you have any problems.

RICH said...


RICH said...

Okay SBVOR - works great - thanks.

SBVOR said...


Happy to help!

Thanks for reporting this!

If you have any further problems, please let me know.

SBVOR said...


I am trying to get this reported as an issue for to address.

It has been suggested that if you have 3rd party cookies disabled on your end that could be the cause. I think it is absurd to expect you to enable 3rd party cookies. But, if you do NOT have 3rd party cookies disabled, that would be useful information.

If you could let me know, it would be helpful.

RICH said...

Yes, third party cookies are disabled.

SBVOR said...

Rumor has it that the embedded comment format does not work well when 3rd party cookies are disabled. So, that's good reason to stick with the full page (what I have reverted too).

Thanks again for pointing this out!

RICH said...

No problem. I'm always happy to help out a fellow patriot.

RICH said...

Like SBVOR, Joe Bastardi of Accuweather thinks the long term climate will be COOLING for the next 20-30 years.

SBVOR said...


Good link, thanks.

As Joe correctly notes, there are many natural cycles which will influence trends over the next 20 to 30 years (and beyond). Joe focuses on the PDO and the solar cycles. Additionally -- just to name two -- we have the AMO and Milankovitch Cycles.

As I noted in this post, there is good reason to believe that the AMO has been the primary driver over the past 30 years. I expect it to be the primary driver over the next 30 to 40 years as well (and beyond).

If the AMO cycle prevails, that would suggest -- globally -- a statistically flat trend through about 2018 followed by about 30 years of substantial cooling.

RICH said...

I don't think the AMO will be the primary driver for the "next" 30-40 years. It has lived up to it's name (multidecadal). Now... watch the largest ocean in the world influence us. The PDO is shifting us into a cooling phase. The Pacific has released a massive amount of heat and will have less to store in the coming years, due to past, recent and projected solar activity.

Primary driver? You say tomato (AMO), I say tomate (PDO).

And besides, I am of the sound mind that current warming data cannot be fully trusted, based upon my experiences in life.

"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

~Yogi Berra

Let us not rush to judgement. The jury is still out. We will soon discover which emperor has no clothes.

Fact: Manmade global warming is the least of our concerns. Nature will do with us what she will. As fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Oleg Sorokhtin said, we (humans) are a "drop in the bucket".

We are arguing about one (1) potential degree over the next century.?!

Alarmist's believe that through taxation -- they can prevent us from entering another climate optimum?

If only they could, and why, pray tell, would they want to prevent us from entering another optimum?

Answer: Sheer lunacy.

Not sure if you are hockey fan or not, but I enjoyed watching the Bruins beat up on the Avalanche today :)

SBVOR said...


1) Is the Global Warming cabal “sheer lunacy” or the biggest (and most dangerous) criminal enterprise the world has ever seen?

2) There is considerable evidence to substantiate your suggestion that “current warming data cannot be fully trusted”

3) We know that the global sea surface temperatures (not just the Pacific) are currently dropping like a rock.

4) Recall that I have speculated we will see a statistically flat global trend through 2018 followed by about 30 years of substantial global cooling. The more accurate satellite data will confirm or deny both aspects of this speculation.

Let’s reconvene 8 years from now and see were we’re at. But, let’s keep in touch in the interim! :-)

RICH said...

It must be both. The Environmentalists are perpetuating "the biggest criminal enterprise the world has ever seen".

It's the Lunatics who are stonewalling our efforts to stop these Crooks. These people have been brainwashed into thinking we're a virus.

Recall when George Washington became ill, with fever, doctors believed "bleeding" him could save his life. It killed him.

Al Gore and his Cult believe that by bleeding our economy, they can reduce the planets "fever", thus saving us from whatever delusion they are conjuring up.

It's both lunacy and criminal, IMHO.

SBVOR said...

"It's both lunacy and criminal"

That sounds about right.

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