Saturday, January 22, 2011

Local Journalist Displays Ethanol Ignorance

Quoting local “journalist” Tom Ross
(emphasis mine):
“Routt County’s uber guru of alternative fuels vehicles, Fred Robinson, reports from Henderson Park that he has come up with a mix of gasoline and E85 ethanol he said his lawn mowers run well on, thus reducing his carbon footprint every time he does yard chores.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest

I expect so-called “journalists” to be ignorant. But, I expect them to at least be well versed in the reporting done by their peers. It would appear that Mr. Ross didn’t do his homework.

Newsweek reports that:
“When you tote up the carbon emissions caused by clearing land to grow corn, fertilizing it and transporting it, corn ethanol leaves twice the carbon footprint as gasoline.”
Time magazine admits:
“the biofuel boom is doing exactly the opposite of what its proponents intended”
Hell, even Al Gore has admitted he only backed Ethanol for the bribes it could bring him and that Ethanol is a giant failure which wasted immeasurable amounts of tax payer money. Both the Libertarians at and the Green fanatics at Friends of the Earth agree it is time to end the utterly wasteful Ethanol subsidies.

Click here for more on the Ethanol Debacle.

Mr. Ross blathers on about Peak Oil and gives a nod to the miserably dishonest T. Boone Pickens. IMO, Pickens (a man I have NO respect for) is simply looking to make his NEXT billion by sticking his hands into the wallets of American taxpayers. Pickens and all the rest of the “Peak Oil” charlatans can ONLY arrive at their hysteria mongering conclusions by ignoring the FACT that the USA has hydrocarbon resources probably amounting to at LEAST 6 to 7 times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia!

Yes, the world is probably headed back to $100 per barrel of oil. The reason for that is simply because our moronic “Green” politicians will not ALLOW us to develop our own damn resources! We need to get government the HELL out of the way and let market forces work to develop our hydrocarbon resources as well as take us into the next era of power generation. Right now, government mandates and subsidies are nothing more than a MASSIVE criminal enterprise which ONLY serves to subsidize utterly counterproductive FAILURE and CORRUPTION!

Come on Tom! Do your freaking home work! I’m sick and tired of doing it FOR YOU!

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