Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best Evidence for Obama's Citizenship

I have, until now, been an agnostic regarding the question of whether Obama meets the constitutional natural born citizen requirement to be President. I have raised questions and expressed doubts. But, I have never asserted any firm position. Until today, I had not seen any reasonably convincing evidence one way or the other.

But, today, I belatedly discovered documentation of Obama’s birth announcement -- in Hawaii (sourced from this post).

Granted, this electronic image could be a forgery. But, if there is any evidence to that effect, I am unaware of it. Granted, the birth could have taken place outside the country and the parents could have announced it in a Hawaiian newspaper. But, that seems far fetched. So I will -- for now -- assume the evidence is credible and that Obama does, regrettably, meet the constitutional requirements to serve as President.

If Obama is a natural born citizen, he could have easily put an end to the controversy by presenting a certified copy of his birth certificate to a credible, neutral third party. I have often wondered out loud why Obama never did so. But, of late, I have reached the same conclusion expressed by this blogger:
“If I were President Obama and there were no birther movement, I would invent one. It destroys the credibility of anyone who talks about it. To moderates and liberals, the birther movement is the right-wing equivalent of those moonbats who were calling the 2000 election stolen, years after the election was over-- its a bit crazy.”


Anonymous said...

Now that the liberals are giving up on cramming Obama's lack of citizenship down our throat, they're trying to negotiate for the rest of his term which will be 2009 times 3.

Not a chance!!

There's no way we should give in to 3 more years of destruction. If we are a country of laws, let's enforce them. The Law is not negotiable.

The only solution to the horror into which our country has been plunged is for the Legislature and Judiciary to do their sworn duty to uphold U.S. Constitution. We the people should only accept the immediate suspension of Obama pending receipt of documentation of his eligibility.

And if he does not immediately produce the required documents, we should not bother with a corrupt impeachment. Instead the Legislature should name an interim administrator and Obama should be JAILED.

The potential for destruction during the next 3 years is too great. Our country won't exist by 2012


SBVOR said...


It is reasonable to expect any Presidential candidate to present clear proof of eligibility to hold the office. I would strongly support legislation specifically requiring said proof from any and all candidates.

But, as the blogger I linked to implied, Obama's deliberate refusal to voluntarily provide clear proof strikes me as a strategic move on his part (which only works to his benefit). I suspect that if backed into a corner, he would suddenly provide the certified birth certificate and deal a major blow to his opposition. It’s his ace in the hole. Perhaps we should not play into his hands.

By staggering Congressional elections, the founders ensured that the gears of Democracy would not allow a tyrant like Obama to wield power very long. Despite Obama’s fake protestations to the contrary, Scott Brown alone has already largely crippled him.

The gradual destruction of our Constitution and our nation began at least as far back as Woodrow Wilson. Wilson, FDR and LBJ did far more long term structural damage than Obama has (as yet). Saving the nation is not merely a matter of getting rid of Obama. It is a matter of stopping and then reversing a century of so-called “Progressive” tyranny. And first, we have to get a majority of voters to understand that.

Our biggest challenge as a nation really is health care. But the (life or death) challenge is to STOP and REVERSE the perception that health care is a “right”.

By treating health care as an entitlement, the so-called “Progressives” set off the uncontrollable escalation in health care costs. And those escalating costs are -- without a doubt -- what will kill us.

Click here and here to understand the root of the health care problem and the only ways out.

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