Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Different Kind of Avatar

Miriam E. Mendelson, writing at American Thinker, compares her impressions of the movie Avatar to her own experiences in the theater of war. I wish I could say her observations were atypical of our so-called “entertainment” industry -- which I largely boycott. I have no interest in seeing Avatar.

Quoting Miriam E. Mendelson:
“The ‘military’ characters in the movie were portrayed as uncaring and unfazed by the suffering of others -- willing to take lives with nary a second thought. They were portrayed as deserving to die because of how little they cared for the lives of others. It wasn't just some of the military that were portrayed this way -- it was all of them. Only the rogue protagonist was different….

The soldiers I had gotten to know so well -- who was going to tell their stories?”

[And then, a few stories get told…]

“The purpose of this piece is not to make a statement about war. Leave that for the politicians. Rather, it is to testify to the character of soldiers -- men and women of character, compassion, and honor. There are enough stories like the above to fill a book (being written), and many more yet untold. Yes, there are bad soldiers, just as there are bad doctors, bad cops, etc. Yet the vast majority risk and sacrifice their lives to protect not just us, but innocent people of other nations as well. When it comes to the military, let's not let one (otherwise entertaining) movie be the only story that gets told.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here & examine some of what
so-called “journalists” overlooked in Iraq.


juandos said...

Ahhhh, Avatar...

Well I tried to watch it at the theater...

Paid $7.00 for the matinee version...

Now first and foremost one has to give Cameron his props in turning out some seriously excellent 'eye candy'...

Having said that I could only take about thirty or forty minutes or so of the 3D theater version...

Ms. Mendelson's description: 'A lot about the depiction of the military was extremely accurate -- their looks, gear, behaviors, and ways of joking around were all disquietingly authentic' meshes with my own experiences in other times and places...

In my own experiences I've yet to meet a blood thirsty jarhead though I'm sure there might possibly be one or two out there somewhere...

Though I was not in the armed forces I found it more than a bit insulting that Cameron and the writers thought it was somehow a good thing to portray soldiers this way...

Where do these Hollywood types get the nerve to 'character assasinate' a collection of men trying to accomplish a job?

SBVOR said...

Juandos, my old friend:

Yeah, by all accounts, Cameron's character assassinating propaganda is very well crafted.

Still, I'll get my entertainment elsewhere.

I think I'll support those few Hollywood types who still volunteer their time to entertain our troops in theater.

Thanks for dropping by.

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