Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Has Ryan’s budget boxed in Obama?

Quoting The Washington Examiner:
“the House GOP’s official budget, authored by [Congressman Paul] Ryan, contains major reforms to Medicare and Medicaid…

The problem Obama faces is that he himself has said that current entitlement costs are unsustainable…

If Obama responds to Ryan with his own deficit reduction plan that confronts entitlements, his liberal base will go apoplectic. Yet if he doesn’t offer anything, then all his talk about being the kind of president who would set politics aside to deal with the nation’s challenges looks even more empty than it already does.”
Click the image & read the rest:
Click the image & read the rest
Click here and examine the problem.
Click here & examine the latest Dim spending spree.

Click here to view Paul Ryan’s budget announcement.
Click here for proof that voters side with the GOP.

Obama -- in every way -- is nothing but an inept buffoon.
Paul Ryan for President in 2012!


Patti said...

I saw Mr Ryan at AEI today. I heard him say "makers and takers." I had not heard this before. So I looked up his bio. I am wondering at what point in his life he was a "maker" and what he made. I seemed like his paychecks have come from taxes pretty much all his life (since 16, anyway.)

Does he consider what he is doing now to be "making?"

Dave Sage

SBVOR said...

Dave Sage (posting as Patti???),

1) Click here and here for Paul Ryan bios (neither of which substantiates your “since 16, anyway” allegation). Can you substantiate that allegation?

2) Getting our deficit spending under control is -- by far -- our most pressing national priority.

3) IMO, Paul Ryan has articulated an achievable plan which addresses the cause of and cure for our deficit spending more effectively than anybody (inside or outside the Washington D.C. beltway). If you have any evidence to the contrary, let me know.

4) My personal preference would be to immediately and completely eliminate all entitlement programs (and all other forms of “charity by coercion”) from every level of government. There is no question that is what would best benefit the entire country -- most especially those truly in need of charity.

Unfortunately, the very heavily indoctrinated general public does not yet understand that simple and obvious truth. Therefore, sadly, my personal preference is not -- at the moment -- politically achievable.

SBVOR said...

P.S.) Click here for another commentary on Paul Ryan’s fiscal plan.

Again, in a perfect world, we would cut FAR deeper than Ryan proposes. But, IMO, Ryan probably represents the best fiscal discipline which the general public is currently willing to accept.

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