Sunday, April 3, 2011

Libya - The WORST possible place to intervene?

Just when I think Obama could not possibly make any mistakes any bigger than those he has already made, the damn fool proves me wrong yet again.

Of all the possible places to intervene with United States military force, could Obama have POSSIBLY chosen ANY location any WORSE than Libya?

From the reporting I have seen thus far, my conclusion is that this is not a revolution. It’s not even a civil war. What we have in Libya is just straight-up anarchy. It’s like a really, really bad sequel to a Mad Max movie (only much more chaotic and FAR less purposeful).

Unlike Bush, Obama has gotten us involved in a situation where we have NO national security interest. Hell, if anything, assisting the al Qaeda infested “Libyan” “rebels” will almost certainly CREATE a national security problem for us!

Unlike both Iraq AND Afghanistan, Obama did not even CONSULT with Congress (much less secure their approval) before launching us into the mess. Vice President Biden is on record strongly asserting that failure to do so is an impeachable offense. Even Obama has asserted that he had NO Constitutional authority to do this.

Who the HELL elected this buffoon? Sorry, that was a rhetorical question.


John said...

I am betting this mis-adventure is simple politics, a lead-in to his now announced re-election campaign. It allowed the schmuck to hold the Sec. of State in check for a bit longer and to 'appear' to be in charge of something. It is all for theater. Unless he sees an endgame that furthers the destruction of the American way if life.

DudeinDenver said...

Yep. With this regime you ALWAYS have to watch what the other hand is doing.

porcupinerim said...

Well stated.

Obama has a childish fascination with killer Gadaffhi, just like Obama's mentors Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright.

Now that I think about it, just about everything about Obama is childish - but very dangerous.

Like the new site very much.

SBVOR said...


Nice to hear you like the new look of the site. I'm hoping to make continuous improvements over time.

My goal is to keep the appearance simple and clean and focus on the (multimedia) content.

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