Saturday, April 16, 2011

ObamaCare Support Plummets

The Denver Post reports:
“The Associated Press-GfK poll showed that support for Obama's health-insurance expansion has slipped to 35 percent”
But, that’s not all.

A new CNN poll finds only 37% favor ObamaCare.

I guess CNN, AP, GfK & The Denver Post have all joined the vast right-wing conspiracy. After all, the Dims promised us that the more we learned about ObamaCare, the more we would love it.

Repeal ObamaCare -- the whole damn thing! NOW!


Anonymous said...

It is a miracle indeed that Denver Post published this info, thanks for putting it up.


SBVOR said...


Yeah, The Denver Post is not exactly known for being "Fair and Balanced".

DudeinDenver said...

Based on these and other similar poll results, I'm becoming more optimistic that the "sit-it-out" factor will weigh heavily on Obama's reelection chances. Now that he is loosing his "historic" aura, there is a lot more charisma-bloom coming off his rose. And he seemingly can't help allowing glimpses into his true wild-eyed progressive nature. I doubt even the fawning MSM will be able to cover them all up!

But,'s only the future of the U.S. as we know and love her hanging in the balance on 11/06/2012. "What, Me Worry?"

SBVOR said...


I would say the future of all of human civilization hangs in the balance.

Human nature being what it is, I am not at all optimistic. I think the best we can hope for (in the developed world) is to contain big government to a level which merely stagnates economic growth (as opposed to completely wrecking all of human civilization).

Most people prefer to live in a fantasy world where money grows on trees (and so do entitlements). And so, I'm betting on the total collapse.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.

SBVOR said...

P.S.) Obama has already begun his fund raising for the 2012 election. He expects to raise $1 BILLION. That will probably purchase enough attack ads to buy the election for him.

By November of 2012, a majority of the electorate -- the ones who are perpetually lazy, ill-informed and easily manipulated -- will have been propagandized into believing Republicans want grandma to freeze to death in the streets while eating cat food.

Nevermind that even CNN knows that Medicare and Social Security rob the poor to give to the rich. See the CNN calculator in this post:

DudeinDenver said...

Well, I certainly concur that $1 billion can buy a whole lotta political lies, deceit and demagoguery.

Do you posit that the big government-entitlement society tipping point has been passed, therefore total collapse has become inevitable?

Is the "Tea Party" awakening in the country too little, too late? Or is it possibly a small reason for some cautious optimism?

Today's S&P downgrade of U.S. debt
is a slap upside the head...will the few adults in the Political Class take notice?

SBVOR said...


Yes, I do fear we have reached a tipping point of no return and that the TEA Party is too few, too little and too late. But, I also believe there is reason for very, very cautious optimism.

Those who identify as “Independents” are the ones who decide elections these days. My impression is that the very large majority of these “Independents” have no strongly held convictions, do little or no independent research and believe pretty much anything they hear in an attack ad.

To confirm my theory, look no further than the reelection of the most hated man in Congress -- Harry Reid. The moment his challenger touched the proverbial “third rail” of American politics, she was destroyed with attack ads essentially claiming she wanted grandma to freeze to death in the streets while eating cat food.

I loudly applaud Paul Ryan’s courage in jumping squarely onto that very same third rail. But, you can bet all the Dims are jumping for joy at the chance to snooker the same sorts of fools with the same old lies. They have played that despicable game to perfection and they have the GOP right where they want them.

Again, Medicare and Social Security are about as evil as any government program gets. As I noted, even CNN knows that these programs rob the poor to give to the rich. Again, see the CNN calculator in this post:

The Mafia has figured out that government bureaucrats actually welcome Medicare fraud (it expands their empire):

The elderly rich happily abuse their economy distorting entitlements and will defend them to the death -- I see it all the time among the retired multi-millionaires in Steamboat Springs, one of whom recently had both knees replaced even though he freely admitted that one of his knees was not causing him any pain what-so-ever.

The ever cynical politicians know that seniors vote in far higher numbers than the ignorant, naïve, inexperienced and easily manipulated youth. It is really dirt simple to persuade the young to cut their own throats. Just tell them it’s the moral and just thing to do and they will (for the most part) jump on board every time (without ever investigating the implications for their own well being).

Furthermore, Rasmussen polling has showed all along that only a very small majority disapprove of Obama. The Dims will only need to sway a fraction of these “Independents” to give Obama a second term. If that happens, we’re done for sure.

In short -- we’re screwed! And, “We, the people” (collectively) have nobody but ourselves to blame -- we (collectively) happily cut our own throats.

But, back to that cautious optimism…
The undeniable fact that entitlements are taking us down is being discussed more honestly and more publicly than ever before. If enough people pay attention, we might dodge the worst case scenario. But, most will pay more attention to the latest reality show. At best, we will still endure a level of big government which destroys any prospects for any significant economic growth.

Ergo, I suspect that stagnation is probably the best we can hope for. That is (perhaps) preferable to a total collapse. On the other hand, a total collapse would offer the opportunity to finally and entirely rid ourselves of this cancer and rise from the ashes.

DudeinDenver said...

"SB," I appreciate your insights. The Rasmussen Poll showing 20% Strongly Approving of Obama, vs. 37% Strongly Disapproving, is a hopeful straw in the wind. Thanks for your reply.

SBVOR said...


If those who weakly support Obama can be swayed, there could be hope.

I sure hope 2012 turns out to be the year human civilization was saved from the nightmare of government gone wild.

Thanks for these comments and all others. They are always appreciated.

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